Your unique route

Detroit Airport recently tested a new augmented reality technology. Delta’s passengers were the first to try the scoreboard, which shows the individual route for 100 people at the same time. That is, looking at the same screen, people see different information. This is due to the fact that this display consists of pixels that spread many rays of light in different directions. And with facial recognition technology, the beams are projected to a particular individual. All this works in tandem with a specially developed application that builds a unique route for the passenger at the airport.

The need for this innovation was caused by the fact that every day people make more flights, and the number of lines on the scoreboard continues to increase. There are over 1,000 flights a day only in Detroit.

Ordinary users without special knowledge in the field of technology can implement this app in theirs travel. In the future, the application will be multilingual, allowing more people to use it. Also, the application of such technology is possible not only at airports, but also shopping centers.