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Our varied and rich experience shows that todays training system is in dire need of introducing modern methodologies. Everyday practice shows that the strengthening and development of the internal structure of functioning plays an important role both for self-sufficient companies and for the development of externally dependent conceptual solutions.

Google Just Launched Gemini, Its Long-Awaited Answer to ChatGPT

Google says Gemini, launching today inside the Bard chatbot, is its...

2023-12-06 View
AI scientists make ‘exciting’ discovery using chatbots to solve maths problems

Artificial intelligence researchers claim to have made the world’s ...

2023-12-14 View

Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Announcing the TOPAI Online Conference

Join the Conversation: Scheduled to take place from March 4st to April 7th, the TOPAI Online Conference promises to be a landmark event in the realm of AI. With a diverse lineup of speakers, insightful discussions, and interactive sessions

A new era of AI&GAMING

Al & Gaming revolution: Marketing analyst and 2024 forecast for your success in 2024!