AI Optimised Hardware

AI hardware depends upon one's preferences on the size and the type...

2022-07-19 View
Artificial intelligence like a child

The DeepMind developers have created a new AI PLATO, which is train...

2022-07-15 View
The unusual propensity of machine intelligence

DALL E mini creates images of women in traditional Indian clothing

2022-07-14 View
AI wrote an article on itself

A scientific paper written by GPT-3 about itself was published in a...

2022-07-13 View
Your unique route

California developers created a display showing passengers their «o...

2022-07-12 View
Predictions about future happiness

Deep Longevity and Harvard Medical School have created an algorithm...

2022-07-11 View
Artificial intelligence generates realistic photographs of people

Stanford scientists have created a machine intelligence that can ge...

2022-07-08 View
AI already in politics

Chinese developers have created an algorithm that determines the de...

2022-07-07 View
Artificial intelligence in football

AI will be used in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

2022-07-06 View