Google launches ‘digital twin’ tool for logistics and manufacturing

Google today announced Supply Chain Twin, a new Google Cloud soluti...

2021-10-15 View
Cels specialists taught artificial intelligence to analyze the results of computer tomography of the brain

The neural network is able to find hemorrhage foci in a few minutes...

2021-10-14 View
Russia proposes to teach artificial intelligence to think differently

Mind and Matter magazine published an article about a new approach ...

2021-10-13 View
The neural network revealed the beauty

A neural network recreated a secret painting hidden under Pablo Pic...

2021-10-12 View
Spending on artificial intelligence solutions in Europe will exceed $20 billion in 2022

This industry, according to analysts, expects further growth.

2021-10-08 View
Artificial Intelligence in the Arctic

Artificial intelligence at hazardous oil facilities in the Arctic w...

2021-10-07 View
Artificial Intelligence Changes Medical Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

2021-10-06 View