Artificial Intelligence Learned to Write Song Lyrics
The program was named LyricJam - it is a fundamentally new system for the processing of the received data. The neural network generates text by listening to instrumental music, recognizes lyrical themes and stylistic techniques, under which the text is written. It is reported that the texts created with the help of artificial intelligence, reflect the emotions and style of the played music. The developers claim that the text being created conveys emotions and captures the style of the music. The purpose of the created program is to help creative people to avoid a crisis, stagnation in work, but not an attempt to replace the person completely. According to Olga Vechtomova of the University of Waterloo, "The goal of the system is not to write a song for a performer. We want to help realize creativity. The system generates poetic lines with new metaphors and expressions, leading creators in directions they haven't explored before." Experts believe that such algorithms can assist in writing texts with vivid turns of phrase, interesting metaphors and subtle rhymes. The LyricJam service has already attracted more than 1,500 users, although not much time has passed since its launch. Translated with (free version)