Artificial Intelligence was a key topic at the Army-2021 Congress
Natalya Kasperskaya, general director of the Info Watch group of companies, announced this at a conference on Sunday. "A whole week will be devoted to AI, a big congress is being held as part of the Army forum. Tomorrow there will be a big plenary session with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, where various aspects of the influence of AI will be discussed, including - on the military sphere," said Kasperskaya, who is the moderator of the conference. According to her words, the congress will discuss "issues that relate to how in general artificial intelligence can change the life of mankind in the future." "Because because we're seeing quite a lot of change here right now," noting that the very definition of "artificial intelligence is a very difficult question." Another conference participant Tatiana Matveeva, head of the Presidential Administration for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Infrastructure, believes that there should be a balance between technological progress and its ethical limits, and in order to do that it is necessary to observe the code of ethics related to the use of artificial intelligence. "Probably this congress will allow the federal AI project, which is now actively developing and which plans to create a code of ethics for AI, come closer to our understanding of the balance between technological progress and its socio-cultural, ethical boundaries in terms of its impact on humans," said Matveeva. In her opinion business, state, science should unite their efforts and work out right approaches allowing "technologies to actively develop, serve the good of society, but without posing a threat to a person, his autonomy, cognitive abilities." "The topic of artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips right now, it's in the top, everyone is discussing it, and here the issues related to AI ethics, to humanitarian, social problems are extremely important," Matveeva summarized.