A neural network works with reviews on geoservices.
The Pinbox neural network analyzes the commenter's topic and mood, relying on an extensive database of replicas, and generates a response based on this. Responses are generated manually or can be fully automated if necessary. Work on maps and reviews is very important for the reputation and position of the card in the search engine, it is quite difficult to maintain it at a high level. According to statistics, the traffic of organizations that respond to comments in a timely and clear manner is 24% higher. An active response to reviews affects customer loyalty and often becomes a criterion for choosing a company. The hardest part of organizing reputation work is controlling the timeliness, activity and relevance of quality responses. In manual mode it is almost unrealistic to meet modern standards. Pinbox neural network functionality allows simplifying the work of companies' employees and solving problems with responses in one click. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)