Artificial intelligence learns to recognize phone scammers In Russia, a neural network has learned to find long construction projects.
Created algorithms allow to recognize intruders during the conversation with a potential victim and warn the called subscribers about it, now in development "SberMobile" and "Tinkoff mobile", said their creators. The specialists of "Vympelkom" (Beeline brand) are also working on the intellectual protection system. Such technologies are based on artificial intelligence and differ considerably from the big data system, which allows drawing up blacklists of suspicious numbers, the fraudsters constantly change SIM-cards, which makes the big data less effective. The tactics of fraudsters are constantly changing, so the artificial intelligence should be retrained, as AI systems that calculate criminals are also not devoid of flaws, said Denis Kuskov, CEO of Telecom Daily. It is possible that in case of improper work of artificial intelligence, there may be situations when conversations of ordinary law-abiding subscribers may be perceived as fraud, the expert warns.