Artificial intelligence will help disassemble Peter the Great's archive
The preparation of the first volume took 15 years. In 1887 the first volume, entitled Letters and Papers of Peter the Great, came out. This edition was arranged chronologically and continued in the Russian Empire, in the USSR and continues in the Russian Federation. In 2003, the 13th volume with materials for 1713 was published. Currently preparing to issue volume with materials for 1714. Researchers have 11 more years of Peter the Great's active life and state activities ahead of them. Recently an idea to help specialists and speed up work with Peter the Great's archive with the help of modern technologies appeared. To improve the basic program developed at SBER, a hackathon was held - a competition for programmers, in which other developers could take part. According to Mogilevsky, the team that won this hackathon presented a breakthrough result. The accuracy of Petrov text recognition was 97.5% Translated with (free version)