Artificial Intelligence Changes Medical Diagnostics
One of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence in medicine is the analysis of digital medical images. An example of such a development is the Cels system developed by the Russian company Medical Screening Systems. It detects on images the smallest signs of various pathologies, including early stages of oncology, tuberculosis and COVID-19. Currently, the developers have implemented solutions for four areas of diagnosis: mammography, fluorography (chest X-ray), pathomorphology and CT scan of the lungs. Artificial Intelligence performs a ranking of the list of examinations: the first place in it is taken by the images of those patients who are most likely to have a pathology. Thanks to the fact that the doctor looks at them first, the patient can be sent more quickly for further examination.Another promising area of application of artificial intelligence in medicine is predictive analytics. A striking example of such development is the Webiomed system from the Russian company K-Sky. Based on data from a patient's electronic medical record, artificial intelligence identifies disease risk factors and predicts the likelihood of complications.