The social network "VKontakte" has created its own technology for speech recognition.
The press service of the social network said that the new technology recognizes words in videos, adds punctuation marks and capital letters. The developers note that similar technologies are not able to allocate commas and periods, as well as do not understand where a sentence begins and ends. In addition, the new technology will later learn to separate the speech of different characters on the replicas.  Now subtitles are only available in experimental mode for part of the audience. They are only available in popular videos from verified communities in the web version and mobile application of "VKontakte". By the end of the year, automatic subtitles will be available for most videos. The press service said that the new technology will be useful when you need to watch a video without sound or do not want to disturb others. In addition, it will help people with hearing impairments perceive information more easily.