The neural network revealed the beauty
The fact that there is another painting underneath "Breakfast of the Blind" has long been known, but only now with the help of a neural network has it become possible to look through the layer of paint. The use of AI algorithms has helped to recreate a painting by Pablo Picasso, over which the famous "Breakfast of the Blind" was painted. The hidden nude female silhouette was found back in 2010 using X-ray fluorescence scanning. Now, thanks to University College London staff, the hidden picture can be shown to the world. As they wrote in Dailymail, the hidden picture neuronet recreated by scanned images of the portrait, for this she was specially trained on the works of Picasso of the period. The resulting image was printed on canvas using a 3D printer. "I hope Picasso would be happy to know that the treasure he hid for future generations has finally appeared to the world 48 years after his death and 118 years after the painting was hidden. I also hope the woman in the portrait would be happy to know that she has not been erased from history and that her beauty is finally revealed," shared University College London physicist George Kann.