Artificial Intelligence Changes Medical Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

2021-10-06 View
GML and FRAMOS Prepare Artificial Intelligence for Machine 3D Vision

GrAI Matter Labs (GML) and FRAMOS will team up at VISION 2021 to cr...

2021-10-05 View
Artificial intelligence will fight fraudsters

Sberbank has developed a service called Aura. It can recognize intr...

2021-10-01 View
A neural network searches for the most dangerous COVID-19 mutations

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have created a new st...

2021-09-30 View
Neural networks will improve the accuracy of electricity generation and consumption forecasting.

AnalyticsHub and the Infopro Group of Companies have developed a ne...

2021-09-29 View
How does artificial intelligence help control the legality of the use of urban land and real estate?

Thanks to AI, violations in the land and property sphere were detec...

2021-09-28 View
Artificial intelligence was taught to select drugs for COVID-19

A Japanese research team from Kyushu University's Medical Institute...

2021-09-27 View
Artificial intelligence will help disassemble Peter the Great's archive

Back in 1872, for the 200th anniversary of Peter the Great, the ide...

2021-09-24 View