Scientists have created artificial intelligence that can reproduce itself

A team of scientists from Scotland systematized artificial intellig...

2021-11-08 View
Artificial intelligence in Kuban will check QR codes about vaccinations

Russia has created a device that checks QR codes on vaccination aga...

2021-11-03 View
Microsoft Introduces GPT-3 Neural Network in Azure

The Azure OpenAI Service can be used to generate program code and s...

2021-11-02 View
Neural Network will install Windows 11

For fast installation on a large number of devices

2021-11-01 View
A neural network identifies delinquent cab drivers in the Moscow region

Photo-imaging cameras in Moscow region now identify cab cars that d...

2021-10-29 View
The world's first NFT yogurt appeared: it was made using a neural network recipe

The yogurt company, along with the founder of the crypto-art moveme...

2021-10-27 View
Social network VKontakte launched a neural network for automatic translation of publications into English

VKontakte has launched a neural network that allows you to automati...

2021-10-26 View
Development of new materials will be given to artificial intelligence

Scientists at Southern Federal University have given artificial int...

2021-10-25 View