How does artificial intelligence help control the legality of the use of urban land and real estate?

Thanks to AI, violations in the land and property sphere were detec...

2021-09-28 View
Artificial intelligence was taught to select drugs for COVID-19

A Japanese research team from Kyushu University's Medical Institute...

2021-09-27 View
Artificial intelligence will help disassemble Peter the Great's archive

Back in 1872, for the 200th anniversary of Peter the Great, the ide...

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2021-09-23 View
Artificial intelligence will track the behavior of Tinkoff Bank customers

And will block transactions for suspicious activity.

2021-09-21 View
With artificial intelligence, deciphering ancient texts will become much easier

Специалисты из университета в Иерусалиме нашли способ расшифровки ...

2021-09-20 View
In Russia, a neural network has learned to find long construction projects.

Based on machine learning algorithms in Russia launched a system fo...

2021-09-16 View
A neural network recognized lucky streaks in the work of famous artists

Mathematicians used a neural network to analyze the works of Van Go...

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