The neural network revealed the beauty

A neural network recreated a secret painting hidden under Pablo Pic...

2021-10-12 View
Spending on artificial intelligence solutions in Europe will exceed $20 billion in 2022

This industry, according to analysts, expects further growth.

2021-10-08 View
Artificial Intelligence in the Arctic

Artificial intelligence at hazardous oil facilities in the Arctic w...

2021-10-07 View
Artificial Intelligence Changes Medical Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

2021-10-06 View
GML and FRAMOS Prepare Artificial Intelligence for Machine 3D Vision

GrAI Matter Labs (GML) and FRAMOS will team up at VISION 2021 to cr...

2021-10-05 View
Artificial intelligence will fight fraudsters

Sberbank has developed a service called Aura. It can recognize intr...

2021-10-01 View
A neural network searches for the most dangerous COVID-19 mutations

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have created a new st...

2021-09-30 View