For the first time in Russia, artificial intelligence is being used at oil and gas facilities.

The complex with drones and artificial intelligence is used for the...

2021-09-14 View
In Japan, a neural network learned to translate into text from sign language

The Japanese holding company SoftBank is developing an application ...

2021-09-13 View
Artificial intelligence learned to diagnose glaucoma

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have ...

2021-09-09 View
A trained neural network will keep an eye on Moscow drivers

In Moscow in the near future will work modern traffic cameras, whic...

2021-09-08 View
Lack of doctors and increasing number of elderly people in China

Artificial intelligence becomes a personal assistant

2021-09-07 View
Beethoven symphony premiered and completed by artificial intelligence

The ANN neural network completed a recreation of Ludwig van Beethov...

2021-09-06 View
Ministry of Health implements artificial intelligence in medicine

By 2023, a medical decision-making system will be launched in Russia.

2021-09-03 View
Google taught artificial intelligence to increase photo resolution up to 16 times without loss of quality

Google published an article on its blog titled "Creating High-Preci...

2021-09-02 View
More and more money will be spent to develop artificial intelligence

Analysts at the International Data Corporation (IDC) predict the in...

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