T.A.G. Consulting

About the company

Our mission is to provide an enhancement for our client’s and family’s welfare on a long-term perspective.

Our methodology is based on corporate governance, business analysis and tax planning.

T.A.G. Consulting is specialized in the areas of Compliance, Private Office, and Personal Holding Structures.

We have successfully completed a wide range of international projects in key sectors of the global economy.


Private Office

Private Office is a package of services aimed for managing personal assets to ensure their preservation, protection, and its subsequent transfer to future generations.

Personal Holding Structure

Personal Holding Structure is a multi-stage process which typically involves some form of corporate restructuring aimed for optimizing the business ownership structure.  


By definition, Compliance is conformance to a rule, standard, or law. In the field of banking, Compliance is faced as a process by which an individual assures the bank that he or she is a reliable customer…

Worldwide asset identification

It is vital for the Client to secure his interests against the debtor’s unfair actions. Considering that debtors have a plenty of varied tools for hiding and controlling his assets worldwide…

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