Cherry Labs
Cherry Labs is a Silicon Valley startup with Russian roots, that has $15M+ in VC fundings and clients both in the U.S. (incl. several F500 companies) and in Europe. The solution is applicable to a wide variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining, Chemicals, Automotive, Food & Beverages, Utilities, Retail and etc. Product Vision Using best-in-class computer vision to automate work protocol execution and compliance for businesses. Mission Enable a more efficient and safer work environment. At Cherry Labs, we are focused on using artificial intelligence and advanced computer vision to understand complex human behaviors. This allows us to statistically measure interactions between humans and machines, giving you insights into work processes that were historically impossible to analyze. The core product of Cherry Labs is Cherry Video Analytics which is a software that allows to transform regular CCTV video cameras into "smart" ones using AI. In a nutshell, our product analyzes video streams and provides insights on safety and operational protocol non-compliance. Protocols examples Safe Work Protocols - LOTO, PPE monitoring (>6 types), risk/danger zone monitoring, working with moving equipment - Sanitizing, cleaning protocols, COVID safety, Man down alerting Inspections - Assembly order, time spent on each activity, productive vs. idle - Preventive maintenance, leaks, spills checks, lubrication, grounding checks - Material handling, jobs produced
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