The software is an Intellectual property copyright development and is protected by the legislation of Russia and International Law ISNI 0000 0004 8348 5153 A cross-platform development environment for educational and research platforms that allows you to create virtual platforms and locations in accordance with the curricula of preschool, school, secondary professional and higher educational institutions, as well as research and other educational international programs, applications, simulations that work regardless of the operating system and the form factor of the device, the ability to dive using a neurointerface, create photorealistic simulations (limitless and photorealistic game world, integrated and auto-updatable). Visualizations of mathematical models that span multiple platforms. The main advantages are the presence of a visually realistic development environment, cross-platform support and a modular system of components. Software Features: A cluster of server processes, a full-fledged virtual world. Support for VR, AR and AI. The servers are connected to each other by agents that subscribe to the domain server.

ANALYTICS: - auto-renewable intelligent protection of personal data -intelligent payment system - interactive data management and training of artificial intelligence and humans simultaneously in real time - self-learning machine learning model - intelligent information assistants - a recommendation system for determining the choice of tasks, developing key competencies and conducting professional activities - individual and team algorithms for personal and professional growth - artificial intelligence algorithms for decision - making-solving complex problems easily, eliminating errors at the initial stage – designing and modeling results - advanced visual data analytics - data collection, analytics-digital profile of students - analytics, data collection and processing, automatic data analysis - algorithms for automatic modeling, design, forecasting and performance - evaluation of results based on data - assessment of behavioral, competent, career-oriented and professional activities.

A multi-level hierarchy of neural networks.

World Architecture - world servers: - proxy server - authentication server - login server: character selection and creation - world geography server - server of business simulators (mathematical modeling, base zone, scaling up, improving financial literacy, teamwork) - server of simulators of IT and AI technologies professions (programming, coding, computer evolution, etc.) - server of the physical and mathematical and research world - server of world culture and art - server of biological, chemical research and projects - server of simulators of transport infrastructure professions - server of simulators for medical and pharmaceutical professions - server of simulators of scientific professions - server of simulators for engineering and technical professions - server of simulators for service and repair professions - server of simulators of industrial professions - server of training simulators for teaching professions - server of agricultural profession simulators - server of simulators for legal, law enforcement (Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.) professions - server of military professions and specialties - server of simulators of social life -server of professions of priests and ministers of the church - the server of professions of the criminal environment (virtual hackers, etc.) - the server of the film and media industry - the server of the fashion industry - the server of space professions - server of professions of art and culture - server of professions of political activity - server of musical professions - server of sports professions - server of liberal professions - server of additional professions and creativity - object manager server - a database around the world (the possibility of built-in search engines) - message domain server - NPC Server - server of additional functions - inventory/trading server - chat server - time of day and weather management server - auction server - task management and control server - instance server -fraction server - proxy server, client-server A cluster of server processes, a full-fledged virtual world. The servers are connected to each other by agents that are subscribed to the domain server.